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Thanks to the introduction from the Trish and Ken Green (one of the Barn owners from 2013), the well loved silversmith  (Sep. 27 and 28)! He and his brother (Denver resident Glenn Orms) have generously donated one of their prized buckles as a benefit to the Cherry Hills Land Preserve. In addition, they will be offering a $500 discount on the buckel of your choice to those who donate $250 to our land preserve. Wait until yuou see the classic western beauty of these handcrafted masterpieces! Please pass this exciting news onto friends and neighbors who woul like to be owners or gift givers of a truly prized possession!

Our Vision

Cherry Hills Village is a gem in the middle of one of our nation's largest metropolitan areas. The Cherry Hills Land Preserve was formed to protect and enhance the scenic treasures and open lands that define this community. Through behind the scene efforts much has been accomplished but there is more to do on conservation easements, trail enhancements and other efforts that protect the open lands, rural character and quality of life in Cherry Hills Village. We have compiled this abbreviated list to draw your attention to some of the treasures that the Cherry Hills Land Preserve works to protect and enhance:


Events & Updates

Cherry Hills Land Preserve Sponsors Art Event The fourth annual “Young at Art” competition and art show, sponsored by the Cherry Hills Land Pr... More detail
CHLP Hosts An Inspirational Evening with Photographer and Conservationist, John Fielder On June 24, 2013 John Fielder, a former Village Club member, came back to the club for a land preser... More detail
High on Country: A Narrative History of Cherry Hills Village The book High on Country: A Narrative History of Cherry Hills Village is now available for purchase ... More detail
Vital Property in Cherry Hills Village Preserved (Cherry Hills Village, CO; March 2008) One of the most beautiful and historic properties in Cherry ... More detail

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